Emergency call systems

FNR1 emergency call system for forestry applications

Our emergency call system enables the single person working in the woods and
guarantees simple and fast locating. In combination with the connection to a VDS
conform control cenre it becomes an effective emergency call system


  • simple and user freindly
  • optional alert to an emergency service
  • eith active and passive emergency call
  • good reception characteristics, even in difficult terrain
  • meets the demands of the accident prevention regulations "forest", as well as
    directive TR1 radio emergency signal in the forestry
  • alarm log according to VDS 2465
  • with LCD display and LED status monitoring
  • alarm function as a safeguard to protect your tractor
  • available as FNR1 basic, FNR1 pro or FNR1 porti



FNR1 porti

FNR1 Porti

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